The paintings and drawings of the Dutch Moroccan Rachid Ben Ali come as a blow. The energy and passion of Rachid literally splash off the canvas. His images do not lie. They reflect the violence and chaos of the times we live in, but also the light of hope and togetherness. In doing so, he also seeks togetherness and dialogue.

The work of Rachid Ben Ali is very rich in images. You can best read them by undergoing everything with an open mind and an open heart and letting it work on you: the paintings and especially the small drawings that are present everywhere in the paintings. Everything seems to have a meaning. Nothing is for nothing.

In the exhibition “Tomorrow is a Different Day” in 2021, the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam showed the work of Rachid Ben Ali as one of the international artists who are jointly responsible for the changes of today and tomorrow. One of his paintings is in the permanent collection of the Stedelijk Museum.


Hogeschool voor de kunsten Arnhem
Hogeschool voor de kunsten Rotterdam
Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten in Antwerpen


artist atelier-rachid ben ali schilderij kopen
foto Ralf Sandergaard